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  • Saturday, October 22, 2011

    ARISS contact planned for school in Israel

    Friday, October 28 2011 at approximately 11.25 UTC, an ARISS contact is planned for Space Laboratory, Herzliya Science Centre, Herzliya, Israel. The Space Laboratory of Herzliya Science Center is an initiative of the City of Herzliya,Israel. Our main goal is to encourage students to learn Space Science and Satellite Technologies by allowing young school students to take part in space projects.

    Pupils come from middle and high schools in Herzliya and in surrounding cities. We currently have 300+ pupils learning astronomy, space and satellites engineering, and 50+ pupils involved in practical projects related to building our first satellite.  These projects are acknowledged for the State matriculation exams.

    The facilities of the Space Lab include an amateur radio station, a satellite tracking and monitoring ground segment, and a clean room specially programmed for designing and building of cubesat satellites. The amateur radio station of HSL is sponsored by IARC – Israel Amateur Radio Club, and is used for training of students as HAM radio operators, as well as training IARC members for advanced radio licenses.

    This will be a direct radio contact operated by 4X4HSC. The conversation will be conducted in English.

    Via IARU - Read the full Article