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  • Saturday, November 19, 2011

    Impression of youth radio club YO9KAG

    In Romania there are some active youth radio clubs. One of them is Radioclub YO9KAG, this is a section of “Sport Club Petrolul Ploiesti”. This club has a great tradition in Romanian sports. In the radio club are radio amateurs of all classes trained and they are participating in competitions that covers all branches of amateur radio. During contests they mostly are using the callsign YR9R.

    At the club youngsters are taught by coaches to get their radio license. They learn about amateur radio, radio operating techniques, CW, electronics and they are also being trained about how to compete in a contest. Club members have obtained remarkable results in HF, VHF and HST competitions.

    All young amateurs with a callsign have attended at least one national competition and received very nice prizes.  We can mention YO9JOC, YO9JOK, YO9HPJ, YO9HQW, YO9HP, YO9FNP, YO9WF and many others… who managed at their first participation in a national championship to rank in the top three.

    The young radio amateurs of this club are really fanatic in CW and contesting. It is remarkably to see how controlled they make QSO’s. Also the older youngsters, like Razvan YO9HPJ 20 years’ old, knows a lot about radio theory. Their coach Michael YO9BPX, supports the youth and help them as a teacher. With mentoring the youth they become really experienced radio amateurs.

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