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  • Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Radio Afghanistan on 7200 kHz

    DJ9KR reports: On November 28th, "National Radio of Afghanistan" is again on 7200 kHz. I  have heard it at 1530 UTC.  It is still on at 1620 UTC, and certainly as yesterday, will s/off at 1630 UTC. The signal is S9+15dB with my dipole. At 1530 UTC it announces "This is National Radio of Afghanistan" with a QRG of 6100 kHz. However this QRG is NOT active. National Radio of AFG is really transmitting on 7200 kHz (carrier) and covering 7195 - 7205 kHz.
    Will you please inform your National Telecoms Authorities. I have already done so with the German "Federal Network Agency", which will file an International Complaint. Thank you for your assistance!
    Recording of the announcement by DJ9KR:  click here!

    Uli Bihlmayer DJ9KR

    Via IARU - Read the full Article