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  • Sunday, January 15, 2012

    ARISS contact planned with technical college in Belgium

    Wednesday January 18. 2012 at approximately 09:48 UTC, which is 10:48 CEWT, an educational  ARISS contact is planned with Vrije Technische Scholen (VTS), located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Amateur radio station ON4SNW, set up in the school, will operate the contact.

    The non-profit association ‘Vrije Technische Scholen BSO/TSO’ is an industrial technical school that has grown - during its over 100 years existence - to a worthful asset in Sint-Niklaas and the broader region as a training center for young technicians in the fields of mechanics, electricity, carpentry, construction, refrigeration engineering, automotive engineering, industrial sciences, etc. In line with present days standards for industrial and  technical education and building on close collaboration with the industrial sector and the institutions for higher education, VTS has developed a programme with strong emphasis on “science and technology”. The school’s population amounts to about 800 pupils, male and female, aged 12 to 18-20 years.

    VTS offers three educational levels:

    -Theoretical technical education : prepares for higher education and can, from a  theoretical perspective, be compared to general secondary education.
    - Practical technical schooling: prepares for a career in industry at the level of Supervisor of the Manufacturing Process.
    - Professional schooling : prepares for a career as qualified worker in the fields of carpentry, welding, building and so on.

    These three training areas all cover 6 years. At the end of the technical schooling, the students obtain a secondary education’s degree. Professional schooling students can access to this degree by successfully accomplishing an additional 7th year.

    The ARISS project is one more initiative VTS is undertaking. Students and teachers regularly ‘spice’ the traditional schooling with additional assignments. This results in a more challenging educational process for all parties involved. To name just a few achievements of the previous years :

    - the automotive division was awarded  the ‘golden key’, the first prize in the contest
    - students participate in the maths-olympics
    - Robocontest
    - Electrochallenge.

    In the social field, where the well-being of the students is concerned, VTS won the first prize of the Queen Paola Contest ‘School Of Hope’ 2009, with the project ‘from underprivileged to privileged’.

    In short, VTS BSO/TSO is a school where nobody is afraid of a challenge, which can be inferred from their participation in the fascinating ARISS-project.

    The event will be broadcast in streaming video on: http://justin.tv/on0snw  The space conversation will be conducted in Dutch.

    Via IARU - Read the full Article