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  • Friday, January 27, 2012

    Begrenset radioaktivitet fra Jan Mayen i fremtiden

    sakset fra DX-World-Net

    Recently the Norwegian government declared most of Jan Mayen a Nature Reserve and banned landings and camping on most of the island. This means that tour operators no longer visit since the main landing area is part of the Reserve.

    The only places left on the island which could be used as landing and camp sites are in Kvalross-bukta and in BĂ„tvika, in the very extreme (weather-wise) southern part of Jan Mayen. This will mean that most visits to the north part of the island (where previous landings occurred) will soon be impossible.

    Whilst radio amateur operations may still be possible from these two locations, which are difficult to get to (rough landing, very strong winds with sand storms, no access to any shelters or resources etc), it now appears JX5O was probably the last major expedition to Jan Mayen and may well be for the coming years. It also seems that only professional, licensed staff members at the Olonkin base will be able to activate the island, with that in itself a rare occurrence.
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