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  • Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    Ham Radio Embracing "DIY" Community

    A multi-pronged effort is under way to promote greater cooperation and closer relations between hams and do-it-yourselfers, also known as "makers." While launched independently, these efforts dovetail with each other.

    CQ is launching a new "Makers" column as of its March 2012 issue; the ARRL has released a "suite" of promotional materials aimed at introducing DIYers/makers to ham radio, according to the ARRL Letter, including a new video called "The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio." And the AMSAT News Service reports that Diane Bruce, VA3DB, has started a "ham radio-builder" e-mail list, on which members will be encouraged to contribute simple projects, with lots of photos and good instructions. Interested hams may sign up for the list at <http://diana.db.net/mailman/listinfo/hamradio-builder>.

    Via CQ News Room - Read the full Article