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  • Monday, January 23, 2012


    wrc-12sThe World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC-12) is about to start and will take place from 23 January until 17 February 2012. The preparatory work for WRC-12 started almost immediately after WRC-2007. IARU Region 1 has been very active in these preparations within CEPT, ATU, ASMG and ITU.

    Our main agenda item 1.23 considers "an allocation of about 15 kHz in parts of the band 415-526.5kHz to the amateur service on a secondary basis, taking into account the need to protect existing services". Several other agenda items will have our special interest. These agenda items include

    • 1.15: "to consider possible allocations in the range 3-50 MHz to the radiolocation service for oceanographic radar applications, taking into account the results of ITU-R studies, in accordance with Resolution 612 (WRC-07)"

    • 1.22: "to examine the effect of emissions from short-range devices on radiocommunication services, in accordance with Resolution 953 (WRC-07)"

    The International Amateur Radio Union and its Regions will be represented during the conference to lobby for agenda item 1.23 and to protect our spectrum interests.

    • IARU Region 1 ERC Chairman Colin Thomas G3PSM will be attending WRC-12 as CEPT Co-ordinator for agenda item 1.23 and as agenda item lead on the UK delegation

    • IARU Region 1 HF Chairman Ulrich Mueller DK4VW will be attending on the German Delegation.

    • Past IARU Region 1 Vice President Tafa Diop 6W1KI will be attending part of WRC-12 on the ATU delegation.

    • IARU Region 1 President Hans Blondeel Timmerman PB2T will be attending part of WRC-12 on the IARU delegation.

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