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  • Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    472-479 kHz nearly done

    wrc-12sCommittee 4 of WRC-12 approved option 1 to satisfy Agenda Item 1.23, with minor editorial amendments to the text received from Working Group 4C. Option 1 calls for a worldwide secondary allocation to the Amateur Service at 472-479 kHz, with a power limit of 1 W EIRP, with a provision for administrations to permit up to 5 W EIRP for stations located more than 800 km from certain countries that wish to protect their aeronautical radionavigation service (non-directional beacons) from any possible interference. Option 2 was NOC (no change to the current rules). The approval of Committee 4 requires to be read in the WRC plenary session twice. It is expected that several countries will add their names to a footnote, not allocating this spectrum for their country.

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