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  • Friday, February 24, 2012

    Clear Lake Amateur Radio Operators Spot For National Weather Service:

    Skywarn is a National Weather Service program developed in the 1960s to provide eyes and ears on the field when there's severe weather. The volunteers include concerned citizens, pilots, public service officials, emergency management personnel, mariners -- and amateur radio operators like Steve Hester with the Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club. Ham operators gathered last week at a community building on NASA Parkway for their annual Skywarn training. "Because we have ham radio operators that are out driving around and out in the community. It's a way for us to connect with the Weather Service, to provide them extra information that they wouldn't normally have, and we use our radio systems to contact them so it kinda fits in with what we do." They heard from Dan Reilly with the National Weather Service. "My title is 'warning coordination meteorologist.' One thing I do with that job is go out and recruit storm spotters to help us with out warning program." And Reilly came to the right place. About 50 amateur radio enthusiasts were there to volunteer their time and shortwave radio equipment to become weather spotters over the coming year.
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