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  • Friday, February 24, 2012

    Mont. Radio Operator Hams It Up from His Home:

    LIVINGSTON, Mont. (WTW) -- There are not many hobbies where you can relay messages for emergency personnel during an unfolding disaster one day, talk to astronauts on the International Space Station another, then talk to your buddies in Morse code at a rate of 35 words per minute, well, every day. But that's Shields Valley resident Doug Dunn's hobby. Dunn, a retired 65-year-old, is an amateur radio -- more commonly known as "ham radio" -- operator. And like so many ham radio aficionados around the world, he is passionate about the hobby. A small den in Dunn's home 16 miles north of Livingston is dominated by radio gear. On a recent afternoon, it crackled with activity as Dunn, whose call sign is K7YD, communicated with friends using voice and rapid-fire Morse code, tapped out at a blinding pace on a semi-automatic Morse key set -- the descendant of the old telegraph set of the 1800s.
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