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  • Monday, February 6, 2012

    Weekend in Geneva.

    wrc-12s We are halfway the conference now. Several European delegates took the opportunity to go home for the weekend and therefore the number of weekend meetings was low compared to the first weekend. This meant that there was time for some amateur activities. On Friday 3 February Nobel-prize laureate Prof Joseph Taylor addressed WRC-12. After his speech he received ITU's Gold Medal from ITU Secretary General Dr. Hamadoun TourĂ©. Friday evening we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Club IARC. Most of the WRC delegates who hold an amateur license attended the official presentation and the dinner that followed the presentation. Professor Taylor, better known as Joe K1JT used the opportunity to test a beta version of his weak signal software and made 23cm EME contacts from 4U1ITU. With only 20 Watts in 4 x 55 elements Yagi’s a contact was established with PI9CAM. Other EME QSO’s followed. On Saturday and Sunday many HF QSO’s were made using 4U1WRC. The IARU team has slightly changed. IARU President Tim VE6SH, IARU Region 2 President Reinaldo YV5AM and Tafa 6W1KI have left Geneva, while IARU Region 1 President Hans PB2T has joined the team. On Monday we went back to business as usual: meetings and more meetings.

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