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  • Monday, March 5, 2012

    Radio Amateurs Occupy Hughes Center:

    Radio amateurs will occupy the Hughes Center today as part of the Arkansas River Valley Amateur Radio Foundation's (ARVARF) annual Hamfest event. Hamfest is open to the public and will be conducted from 8 a.m. until noon. Admission is $5. Vendors will offer amateur radio equipment and door prizes. Some of the prizes will include radio equipment, which require a valid amateur radio license to win. "It's a lot of fun," local ham Kenneth Zelnick said. "We get to meet people who we may not know other than a voice on the radio." Radio amateurs, also known as hams, will have the opportunity to purchase new equipment from commercial vendors or older or original equipment from flea market vendors, according to Hamfest chairman and former head of Arkansas Tech University's (ATU) music department Andy Anders. "There's just so much stuff, it's incredible," Anders said. "There's a lot of various radio gear and related things that are going to be on tables to see ... and of course, all you have to do is ask somebody about it, and hams love to talk about their gear."
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