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  • Saturday, March 3, 2012

    Rural Affairs Committee Agrees That Proposed Antenna Rules Need Tweaking:

    OTTAWA -- Proposed rules for where private radio operators can put their antennas need another look, council's rural-affairs committee said Thursday morning, two days after the planning committee said the same thing. The city can't actually control the placement of antennas, private or commercial, because they're regulated by Industry Canada. But the federal department does give municipalities a chance to comment when it's making decisions and the rules describe what the city thinks is OK. They're aimed at restricting big and intrusive installations while staying out of the way of small ones, but amateur radio operators warned city councillors that they don't quite hit the mark. Antennas on residential properties would be exempt from public consultations as long as they're under 15 metres tall and at the back of a house. The radio operators said that actually leaves little room for a working antenna above many trees and roofs, it unduly restricts unobtrusive antennas that would be less visible in front yards than telephone wires, and it doesn't distinguish between an urban house and a rural one, where neighbours might be much too far away to care which yard has an antenna in it.
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