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  • Friday, April 13, 2012

    Amplifier repair warning by Tom W8JI (be sure you read it carefully)

    Please:, Always remember that old principle: Safety First!!!! Not even if you are totally sure about what you are doing;  never, ever test things inside of an amp with High Voltage on! There is no need to do that at all.  And if you don't trust me, I hope you trust RF and electronics guru W8JI.

    73 de LU5DX


    Posted in cq-contest at contesting dot com by Tom W8JI

    Several times over the past 30 years Hams have been hurt, or killed, poking around inside tube-type amps with power on. QST, with total disregard for common sense, even published an article suggesting people defeat interlocks
    to make a measurement with a hand-held meter.

    Last week I mentioned something about a certain V31, who killed himself poking around inside an amplifier with power on. I gave the V31 a similar warning to this weeks or months before he killed himself.

    A story surfaced today about an AL1200 amplifier, which has about 3600 volts inside. Apparently someone instructed someone else to measure HV with a small handheld meter. As the story goes, the handheld meter blew up.

    I'd like to remind everyone to remind others, when they see or hear something like this going on, to say something before it happens, if possible.

    It is NEVER necessary to run an amplifier with the cover off, and especially HV on, to check things. Anyone advising defeating an interlock, or powering up a tube-type amplifier with the cover off and HV exposed, it is a fool.

    If we don't know anything about electronics or how things work, at least we should know what we should never do. We should never remove a cover and power up a tube-type amplifier with HV exposed, and it is especially foolish
    to go poking around inside with a meter, no matter how careful you think you are.

    73 Tom