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  • Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Ham, Beacon & Hacks challenge.

    by LU5DX.

    Thanks  @andreashornig for the info.

    There are several governmental & public, amateur and private radio transmitters and receivers of all kind all over the world. There are ground stations for space applications like the Deep Space Network, space and terrestrial amateur radio relays and even private ones. Although they are known because of licensing reasons and because of detectable transmission, it's sometimes hard to find a map for all of them.

    HAM, beacon & hacks is a challenge to create an app for a community driven database of such radio stations, that allows easy submission of new station data and editing of existing ones and vizualisation of the location and further parameters. This makes it possible to filter for stations of a certain frequency band and to identify their propagation sphere or direction.

    HAM, beacon & hacks will support several things: It will allow to identify gaps in coverage areas and where to set up a possible new station. It will allow to identify bottle necks in bandwith in communication relays It will allow the community to increase collaboration when they see and know their neighbours It will allow student teams to find possible reception points for communication of their high altitude flying (balloons, drones) or orbital reentry vehicles It will also provide a database of stations to be used for coverage optimization algorithm in general and for neighbouring freqency protection in particular (Colomb Ruler, Costas Arrays)

    The challenge can be a community driven database on a website and can be extended as a hardware project to dectect stations and measure their properties. It can also be extended for WIFI meshes with OLSR or B.A.T.M.A.N and other usefull wireless communication links.

    More info at: http://spaceappschallenge.org/challenge/ham-beacon-hacks/

    Thanks  @andreashornig for the info.