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  • Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Ham Operators Help When Newer Technology Goes Dead:

    When some modern communications systems were knocked out recently by storms, local officials had no way of calling for help or reporting damage. That's where amateur radio, or "HAM" operators stepped-in. Tom Reis, SKYWARN Coordinator for the Des Moines National Weather Service Office, says HAM operators reported storm observations just before an EF-2 tornado hit Creston, causing severe damage to the hospital and other structures. Reis says they're a valuable asset to discerning information that could help save lives. "The National Weather Service recognizes the importance of ground truth information and a variety of methods to get the information to them at the Weather Service office," Reis says. "And one of those methods is via amateur radio. The Weather Service has a quite extensive amateur radio station that they then staff when the time arises, when the need arises." When severe weather is imminent, the National Weather Service office in Des Moines calls in one of four trained operators to come out and coordinate HAM communications. When the storms hit April 14th, Reis, who lives nearby, was called into action.
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