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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    II9P: CQ WPX SSB 2012 - A trip to Sicily by Romeo S52RU/ZL2RU

    Finally back in the saddle ….After the ARRL DX SSB contest from the club PI4TUE I had to travel back to Slovenia immediately due to health problems in the family…. So my trip to ED9Z was aborted.

    After some thinking and talking to my wife, I decided to call Fabio IT9GSF to ask him about his plans for the CQ WPX SSB. Fabio suggested that I join the team II9P, because he was planning to operate by himself in the category SOAB HP

    Shortly afterwards I was contacted by e-mail from youngest II9P member Carmelo (IT9AUG) and we communicated on Skype, discussing issues of station setup, team members, strategy, Sicily etc.,etc.On the Internet I booked my air ticket and my journey to Sicily began … From Trieste I first flew to Naples, and after an hour of waiting on to Catania. From Catania, I had about an hour bus ride to Ragusa. Immediately I called by phone IT9AUG Carmelo, who told me that he is on the way with Antonello IT9EQO to pick me up.My first feeling …. PERFECT !!!

    We drove immediately to shack on the mountain Arcibessi . IT9CHU and IT9EQO showed me all the equipment …. PERFECT !!! …. Followed by a great dinner at a restaurant ANTICA STAZIONE (about 2 km away from the location). At dinner I was asked by Antonello IT9EQO if I am ready to go back to the location and test the Beverage antennas on 40 meters… What do you think was my reply? … hihihi…. LET´S GO!The next morning I was picked up by Antonello in Ragusa and we took that first step towards Arcibessi. We picked Eugenio IT9NJE. After short chat and coffee, we continued our journey …
    When we arrived at the station, we looked all looked at the station antennas and concluded that it would be better if we move the Vertical antennas for 40m to a nearby meadow .. In a very short time we (IT9EQO, 9NJE, 9AUG and I) setup the 40m antennas in a new location.


    The Contest begins ….

    I was designated to sit down and start contest … OK … Let’s go …

    I found a clear frequency on 40 meter band (a little too low for the USA), but I need to start somewhere … In the beginning I needed some time to learn to sign II9P and not say the the wrong callsigns.

    The 40 meter operation was great because there were perfectly made beverage antennas …. A few times we were visited by briefly Mr. Murphy. The TL922 was broken, but the competition had to be continued. Our technicians 9EQO and 9NJE were proven to be phenomenal when any repair was needed.

    • 160 m just used for some multipliers

    • 80 m excellent propagation , contacts with the europe , north , america and asia

    • 40 m excellent opening with North America

    • 20 m good openings but we was really massacred by European signals, we could do much much better

    • 15 m as always a very good band incredible openings with asia and North America until late afternoon

    • 10 m , nice condition to JA in the morning and big signals also from Asia and Pacific, not good propagation for U.S. and North America


    After my visit to Sicily, I can say that the location of the II9P station is very beautiful and is a fantastic location to make good results in the biggest contests …Thank you to all II9P team members for their tremendous hospitality and for welcoming me to operate in their great station. Special thanks to:

    • Antonelo IT9EQO

    • Marcello IT9CJC

    • Eugenio IT9NJE

    • Vincenzo IT9CHU

    • Gianni IT9BUN

    • Marcelo IT9ACN

    • Alessandro IT9STG and finally the youngest

    • Carmelo IT9AUG (great guy) —- Radio licensed only 3 years … But with all his energy he will quickly develop into a very good contest operator.Greetings from beautiful Sicily

    Romeo Rabič S52RU, ZL2RU

    More info about II9P contest station at: http://ii9p.com/