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  • Saturday, April 21, 2012

    NA-240 Bethel County Group IOTA new-one by Tim NL8F, Yuri N3QQ and others.

    by LU5DX facebook.com/LU5DX

    Via QRZ.com



    Around May 10-16th 2012 weather permitting expedition to NA-240 Bethel County Group IOTA new-one.

    OP's:TBA+ Tim NL8F and Yuri N3QQ

    QSL via N7RO and EU via UA9OBA. Either manager can confirm any contact. Will upload log after expedition.

    If you would like to help our team with transportation costs, please use Paypal.

    Paypal email n3qq at na-234.com or ttim at arctic.net

    Thank you and 73!