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  • Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    PowerSDR v2.3.5 is Now Available for Download


    by LU5DX

    Via http://www.flex-radio.com/

    FlexRadio Systems is pleased to announce the general availability of the newest release of PowerSDR, version 2.3.5 intended for use with the SDR-1000, FLEX-1500, FLEX-3000 and FLEX-5000 software defined radios. PowerSDR v2.3.5 has several new significant features, existing feature enhancements and bug fixes.

    We recommend that all customers upgrade to v2.3.5 (see the links to the left).  PowerSDR v2.3.5 is not a maintenance release of version 2.2.3 therefore it is highly recommended that you review the PowerSDR v2.3.5 Release Notes, particularly the section “Known Issues or Recommendations with New Features Included in this Release”, before installing and operating your software defined radio with PowerSDR v2.3.5. This release contains significant changes to PowerSDR’s internal database schema and as such, there are some caveats related to importing data from previous versions of PowerSDR along with new database import requirements and compliance measures.

    While the improvements are too numerous to detail, the following is a list of major changes since the previous official release, PowerSDR v2.2.3

    1. Support for new channelized 60 meter band changes and the addition of a visual Channel Mode for PowerSDR

    2. VAC for RX2 (VAC2). VAC2 is available only for use with the FLEX-5000 equipped with a second receiver (RX2)

    3. The maximum VAC sampling rate (SR) has been upgraded to support 96 and 192 KHz

    4. Expanded TX Profiles now saves all significant transmit related PowerSDR settings

    5. RX2 disconnect on transmit

    6. TNF now works properly with ANF so both can be used in a complimentary manner

    7. Expanded TX Profiles now saves all significant transmit related PowerSDR settings

    8. The management of Memories in PowerSDR has been improved to include an automatic DB backup and recovery mechanism in addition to committing memory changes to the memory DB on copy, add and delete operations

    9. Session specific and previous database backups are created for recovery purposes

    10. PowerSDR Database import requirement compliance to prevent applications errors and anomalous behavior of your radio

    11. There are six (6) new PowerSDR skins available. There are five new IK3VIG 2012 skins and a new default skin

    12. New CAT commands to support PowerSDR features

    13. Updated FLEX-1500 USB driver

    Thanks to so many of you who have provided constructive feedback during the development process.We would like to express our special appreciation to our internal alpha/beta team for their tireless testing of internal test releases.

    - The FlexRadio Software Development & Product Management team