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  • Thursday, April 12, 2012

    QRQ for OSX


    Thanks to the work of Marc KB1OOO he has a working QRQ.app working on Lion. If you want to increase your CW speed and efficiency this is a fantastic tool. I use both QRQ.app and Morse Runner on the PC to practice for contest season.  I would love to see a clone of Morse Runner someday on the Mac.

    From Marc’s website:
    QRQ: RUFZ contest trainer clone by DJ1YFK

    Fabian Kurz (DJ1YFK) wrote a RUFZ contest trainer clone for Linux and other UNIX systems that support the OSS audio api. I extended compatibility to UNIX systems that support the OpenAL audio api, since I’m a mac user and OS X doesn’t have native support for OSS. A build of QRQ for OS X can be found here.


    Direct link to download:   http://ham.vaillant.fastmail.fm/download/qrq-0.1.4.dmg


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