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  • Monday, April 16, 2012

    Radio Club Amateurs Take to the Airwaves:

    VIDEO might have killed the radio star, but radio amateurs are alive and well in Bendigo.
    Yesterday was a national amateur radio field day. Across Australia clubs promoted the hobby under the banner 'tune into the world'. Down at the Bendigo Showgrounds, the Midland Amateur Radio Club set up shop, showing people the internet still had an old-school competitor when it came to worldwide communication. Club member Graeme Knight said radio was still the most efficient form of communication despite some of its old-style technology. "Radio is a direct form of communication, you don't have to go through complex networks," he said. "So all you need is a radio, a battery and an antenna. That lends itself well to emergency communications. If the internet is down or phone towers are down, we can still use radio. "In times of disaster amateur radio clubs come along and provide communication while infrastructure is rebuilt."
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