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  • Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    RUMlog – the DXer’s choice – version 4.9 released



    Revised by LU5DXs MAC HamSoft Corner

    New in 4.9:

    • Ham.QTH support added, see HamQTH.com for further info. Enter your access data in the Preferences under the “Maps/qrz” tab. Explore the QSO menu for functions

    • QRPP option added in the Search Window

    • Do not Import dupes” option in the Import windows are sticky

    • US States Window highlights the states row during logging

    • Alaska and Hawaii added to the US-States Window

    • K3 Control Window is now a (“normal”) document-type window, not always on top

    • qrz.com QSL info query works again

    • Changes made for modified Google Maps API

    See here for further information and download.


    73 & best dx de Tom, DL2RUM