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  • Saturday, April 28, 2012


    Forwarded by Maurice, F5NQL: Since 2006, our friend Alain, F6HBR is living in Thaïland. After seven years of negotiation between France and Thaïland, a reciprocal agreement has been signed in last december 2011.

    So, today, for the first time, a French operator has got a Thaï ham ticket. Starting on thursday April 25th, Alain, F6HBR, (ex FO8FW & FR5EM ) is now HS0ZKG. Alain will traffic mainly in CW and a little PSK and RTTY, from Koh Samui (AS-101). More information to follow. A second French ham is leaving in Thaïlandals, Gerald, F8DEG. He going is to be the second French ham signing HS0Zxx.