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  • Tuesday, May 22, 2012

    Algeria 7X2ARA/P - 2012 ARA's Field Day.

    Submitted by Kamel, 7X2GK.

    Members of the ARA (7X2ARA) will conduct their field day exercise on May 25th, 2012 to be well prepared for emergency communications in their Country.
    7X2ARA has a long tradition of field day-type operations, and this year the selected site  is Chicao BEN (MEDEA) situated in the countryside.
    Once again, Ham Radio operators show how they get ready to help their  Nation when necessary, setting up complete temporary stations to test their skills.

    Frequencies to be used during the 2012 ARA's Field Day exercise, according to IARU R1 band plan for Emergency Communications are as follows: 

    80 meter band: 3760 kHz
    40 meter band: 7110 kHz
    Strip of 20 meters: 14 300 KHZ
    Strip of 17 meters: 18 160 KHZ
    Strip of 15 meters: 21 360 KHZ

    Spots of 7X2ARA/P on DXWatch.com
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