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  • Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Hilbre Island (IOTA EU-120) by Kev, M0TNX and Martin, M3POG

    17-20 May sees Kev, M0TNX and Martin, M3POG back on Hilbre Island, EU120.

    The Liverpool based pair are on Hilbre to celebrate Kev's 45th Birthday (18th May), and to give the Island out to anyone who would like to work it..

    This year sees the activation receive a great help from Alan, M0AQC, who has donated  one of his super, low cost interfaces for digi mode use, something that Mart and Kev have yet to do properly from Hilbre.

    Bands covered will be 80-10, if 80M is possible, it will be a full size kite supported vertical over 1.2Km of radials!

    Thanks to Charles, M0OXO for his superb QSL service, and to all amateurs worked in the past, we hope to work you again in the pile up.

    Kev, M0TNX