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  • Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    Moonbounce Beacon: ON0EME on 1296 Mhz

    ON0EME MOON BEACON: Eddy (ON7UN) ejespersxxtelenet.be sends news that a new 1296 EME Beacon is now QRV -- Many of the active 1296 stations have 
    noticed a signal at 1296 sending "de ON0EME" 4 times followed by 10 seconds of pure carrier and 20 seconds of silence. What they are hearing is 
    an automatic station tracking the Moon. It is QRV when the Moon is >10° at its location. The idea started in Orebro, Sweden during the EME 
    meeting in May 2011. A discussion was going on how to promote our hobby. One of the ideas was a beacon transmitting a signal to the Moon to 
    encourage people to try receiving EME signals. On our way back, HB9BBD, ON4BCB and I discussed the possibilities. We found that we had a lot of 
    the needed hardware already. We initiated a search for a suitable location, started the process of obtaining the required high power license, 
    and began to build the station. After about 11 months of intensive work, the baby was born, and ON0EME was transmitting in the direction of the 
    Moon. ON0EME’s total EIRP is about half a megawatt. The antenna is a solid 3.7 m dish. The system is completely automatic. The beacon starts 
    when the moon is on the east side +10 degrees, by turning the antenna from the point where it stopped the last Moon pass (Moonset at +10°). 
    The frequency is GPS locked at 1296.000 with an accuracy of 3 x 10-11. The timing is also GPS controlled. The beacon will start transmitting at 
    the minute. The amplitude of the signal is constant within ± 0.2 dB. Antenna pointing is updated every 0.4°. We have complete remote monitoring 
    and control of the beacon with indication of voltages, power and temperatures. Users can check the operational status and beacon parameters at 
    http://www.on0eme.org. You can immediately see if the beacon is active. Reports have been received from some small stations receiving the 
    beacon. Please post reports on "moon" or the "moon-net" reflectors. The beacon is located in the north of Belgium and has good Moon visibility 
    at both high and low declination for the complete Moon pass.
    Via 432 and Above EME News.