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  • Monday, May 21, 2012

    New from Icom: RS-BA1 IP Remote control software.

    The RS-BA1, IP remote control software compatible with various Icom base stations. The RS-BA1 remotely controls Icom transceivers through an IP network and features low voice latency to provide the same operational experience of using an actual radio. The RS-BA1 consists of two components: a system configuration application that sets up IP address and audio sampling rate; and remote control software that provides a user interface similar to a radio's front panel.

    Transceiver + IP Network

    Download the RS-BA1 Quick Reference Guide (PDF)


    RC-28 Remote Control USB Encoder
    The RC-28 utilizes the same tuning knob and encoder used on Icom HF radios, providing a tactile option for the RS-BA1 software. Includes a sturdy PTT and two user-programmable function keys. The RC-28 is not a standalone control for Icom radios and may only be used with the RS-BA software.

    home networkRemotely Control Icom Transceivers through an IP network

    The RS-BA1 allows you to use the radio installed in another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet.
    Low voice latency (caused by the RS-BA1) provides the same operational experience as using an actual radio.

    Advanced remote control interface tailored to Icom transceivers 

    remote controlMost functions and modes of your transceiver, including interference rejection functions and IF filter settings, can be controlled. Also, S-meter and SWR can be observed. Also has RX voice recording function.
    • The RS-BA1 consists with two component software applications; Systems configuration software and remote control software. The system configuration software sets up IP address, audio sampling rate and other settings. The remote control software provides a user interface, similar to the radio's front panel, and allows you to control the radio from a remote location.
    • The IC-7600, IC-7200 or IC-9100 can be connected to a PC with a USB cable and the input/output audio signal and CI-V command is sent through the USB cable.
    • The IC-7800 or IC-7700 can be connected to a PC with a RS-232C cable plus S/P DIF or ACC cable.
    • The IC-756PRO111, IC-746PRO, IC-7400 or IC-7000 can be connected to a PC with an audio cable and RS-232C cable through CT-17 CI-V level converter*
    rsba1 chart
    rsba1 chart 1
    rsba1 chart
    *RS-BA1 operation with the Base station's PC connected to the radio's ACC socket, MIC connector, or S/P DIF jack for audio communication cannot be guaranteed.
    *Depending on your radio, a few functions or modes cannot be used, or you need to update the radio's firmware to operate the CW keyer, using the RS-BA1

    Supplied items

    • CD (including the RS-BA1 instruction manual, the RS-BA1 installer, the USB driver and the USB driver installation guide)
    • USB cable (A-B type)
    • Installation guides

    Operating System requirements

    • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32/64bit)
    • Microsoft® Windows Vista® (32/64bit)
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP3 or later)

    Network data speed requirement

    For transceiver location: Upload 500 kbps, or faster; Download 350 kbps, or faster.
    For the remote location: Upload 350kbps, or faster; Download 500 kbps, or faster.
    (When the default audio quality is used)
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