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  • Thursday, May 17, 2012

    Today's QSL: W5ROK

    W5ROK is the club call for the Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club in Richardson, TX. There are several other Rockwell Collins Clubs, which have the Calls W0CXX and N0CXX in Cedar Rapids, IA., W4CRC in Melbourne, FL, W6CXX in Tustin, CA, and F6KNZ in Toulouse, France.
    All clubs are sponsored by Rockwell Collins, Inc. Steve Phillips, K6JT, is the W5ROK Station Trustee and Station Manager.
    The club maintains a station on company property, which consists of 4 HF stations, 6 Meter station, 2M/70CM/1.2GHz All Mode station, and 2M Packet on 145.01 as well as a repeater on 441.875 (+5 MHz, PL 131.8). The club operates all bands from 160 Meters through 1.2 GHz except for the 220 band. The club has approximately 70 members, consisting of employees and retirees and their family members. The station can often be heard weekdays from 11:30AM to 1PM Central Time on the HF bands. Favorite bands are 20/15//6/2. The club is also active on FD and other contests. Further information can be obtained by contacting the club via the E-Mail address listed here.
    Rev: W5ROK - Thu Jun 24 2010