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  • Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Today's station: CN2R

    SO2R (single op 2 radios) operating position at CN2R.

    CN2R is located in Morocco. Owned and operated by Jim Sulivan W7EJ, is one of the top performing stations at a world wide level in major HF contests.

    The station has been build and evolves with a very professional approach in mind that allow the op to work as many  QSOs in 24-48 hour competitions as possible.

    Just a little sample of the CN2R's performance (current CQ WPX SSB single band world wide records)

    Single Operator - High Power  
    High ALLCN2R (W7EJ)201027,059,0841,373
    High 10MD44AC (4L5A)200215,707,4011,123
    High 15MCN2R (W7EJ)201120,704,1641,443
    High 20MCN2R (W7EJ)200815,778,8401,199
    High 40MCN2R (W7EJ)200514,724,696931
    High 80MCN2R (W7EJ)200611,849,076894
    High 160MCN2R (W7EJ)20071,613,955399

    There are really great pics, video and audio recordings at http://www.cn2r.net !!