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  • Thursday, May 31, 2012

    UK Information Commissioner - RSGB 'Unlikely' to have complied with Data Protection.

    The UK's Information Commissioner has this morning issued the outcome of a complaint made against the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) concerning data protection issues.
    In its three-page report, it concludes that 'on the basis of all the information available, we have decided that it is unlikely that the Society have complied with the requirements of the DPA.'

    The conclusion goes on to say 'This is because on this occasion, it appears the Society were unable to satisfy a condition in schedule 2 of the DPA for disclosing [the complainant's] personal data to third parties and, furthermore, doing so was unlikely to be within [the complainant's] reasonable expectations.'
    The incident arose when correspondence sent to the RSGB was allegedly sent by e-mail to eleven members of an external organisation.
    The RSGB has been asked to consider the information provided to it by the ICO and steps have been taken by the RSGB to prevent the situation from happening again.
    No one was available this morning from the RSGB for comment on the ICO's findings.
    Via MW1CFN
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