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  • Friday, June 1, 2012

    5 MHzand 472 kHz in Denmark

    The Danish coomunications authority (ERST) has just anoounced the expansion of the 70 Mhz band and the final frequency allocations for radio amateurs of 5250-5450  Khz and  472-479.
    The expansion of 70 Mhz has been announced by ERST as follows: 69.9375-70.0625 MHz, 70.0875-70.1125 MHz and 70.1625-70.5125 Mhz.
    Starting on Jun 1st, 2012 ham radio ops holding class A and B certificates can start using 5250-5470 Khz on all modes with 1000W and 100W maximum output power respectively.
    All the issued trial licenses are valid until expiration.
    Startin January 1st 2013, ham radio ops in Denmar will enjoy a new band on 472-479 Khz!
    The 5 MHz Newsletter  http://73s.us/LPVQAd
    G4MWO's 5 MHz Amateur Allocations Chart around the world: http://73s.us/LPW8XU

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