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  • Thursday, April 30, 2009

    BuddyPress Activity Plus Image Resize

    A friend of mine told me that he was having issues, when posting images through the BuddyPress plugin called Activity Plus.
    I mean, the issue only happened when he was posting images through oEmbed (using the image URLs), but it was working okay when he actually uploaded images to his BuddyPress installation.
    I soon talked to a friend that was using Amazon S3 in his buddypress installation and he said he had the same issue!
    A quick search through the code lead me to the CSS class bpfb_images, which is inside of the  file images_tag_template of the Activity Plus Plugin.
    There surely is a better way to resolve the issue, but this is a quick fix everybody can do.

    Picture of the linked image: Size 1318 × 839 

    What follows is the linked image showing up in BuddyPress after the fix. It was resized to 350(H) X 450(W)

    The Fix: Go to buddypress-activity-plus\lib\forms\images_tag_template and add the highlighted code.

     Hope it helps. This is not the most elegant solution, but it works.You can even use thickbox for linked images....Don't forget to pay a visit to our spons  ;-)

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