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  • Friday, June 1, 2012

    FO, Marquesas Is. by F5IDM

    FO,  Marquesas Is.: Christian, F5IDM, is a member of a scientific expedition to observe the Venus Transit. From June 3rd - 12th he will use the special
     callsign TX5VT from the following islands of the Marquesas group (OC-027): Hiva Oa (DIFO FO-021, WLOTA 1233); Nuku Hiva (DIFO FO-023,  WLOTA 2030); Ua Huka (DIFO FO-026) and Ua Pou (DIFO FO-027).    QSL via F5IDM (KH6 Bureau, see QRZ.COM). http://www.cveillet.net/PF/TX5VT.php 

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