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  • Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Today's Station: W1IMD

    I hope you find my station interesting. It has become a source of great pleasure as well as challenge as I build this remotely operated, high performance station.

    One antenna is a full size 2 element cubical quad for 160 meters! Our SteppIR MonstIR is now installed at 90 meters on a former AT&T Long Lines tower in Southwest Maine. Click on the picture of the MonstIR above for a larger image. We have reversible Beverage antennas for receive on the lower frequencies.
    The quad (affectionately called the BFQ) has over 400 meters of copperweld wire and over 1,000 meters of Dacron rope to keep the loops in shape. Hung as diamonds, the tips of the loops are nearly 80 meters high and about 20 meters apart with the antenna beaming toward Europe. The quad was designed by W7IAD and W4RNL (SK) and exhibits almost 10 dBd gain! The original BFQ support pipes were damaged in an ice storm and they have been replaced with 5 inch I Beams that are much stronger. The loops travel on trolleys to allow us to bring them in for maintenance. See the pictures below to see the new supports.

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