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  • Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    Withdrawal of EU-155 from IOTA List

    In a previous news item (28 October 2011) we reported that, following information received from a local operator in Italy that the only two islands listed as qualifying for EU-155, Baron and Scanno di Piallazza, no longer existed, we would not be accepting for credit any new operations claiming to take place from EU-155 pending a final check.
    This has now been carried out and it confirms the report. Under IOTA rules we have no option but to withdraw EU-155 from the list of valid IOTA groups and to amend scores down. However we have noted that the Po Delta is a remarkably fragile natural environment with a varying sedimentation rate influenced by river flow, tide and storm and have not ruled out the possibility of one of the islands reforming in time. In the circumstances, we have decided to remove EU-155 credit from all scores on 1 September 2012 but to retain the QSO information on the database in a non-counting format in case the situation should change. We will review the position periodically. In the meantime, while credit will not be given for new operations, we will allow credit for pre-October 2011 operations for certificate purposes only in applications received before 1 September 2012.
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