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  • Thursday, July 12, 2012

    AT1HQ India active during the 2012 IARU HF Championship

    AT1HQ will be the HQ call of ARSI for the IARU Contest this weekend on all bands.

    This will be run by multiple stations across India running the same callsign. The stations and ops making this possible include VU2ABS, VU2BGS, VU2NKS, VU2PAI, VU2PTT, VU2RCT, VU2TS, VU3DJQ, VU2CDP, VU2MTT.
    QSL via VU2PTT.
    Also look for VU2GMN on SSB who will be giving out the R3 multiplier as the IARU Region 3 Director.

    The bands, stations and locations are as follows:


    80    VU2PTT    Bangalore
    40    VU2SWS    Mumbai
    20    VU2SWS    Mumbai
    15    VU2PAI    Mangalore (Ops 2PAI & 2MTT)
    10    VU2PTT    Bangalore


    160  VU2BGS    Bangalore
    80    VU2BGS    Bangalore
    40    VU2TS    BR Hills
    20    VU2PAI    Mangalore (Ops 2PAI & 2MTT) 
    15    VU2PTT    Bangalore
    10    VU2UR    Bangalore

    See you all in the contest. Look out for the ARSI multiplier from AT1HQ.