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  • Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    PS1J - Brazillian National Jamboree - Brazilian Scouts

    During the 5th Brazilian National Jamboree occuring in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, between July 15th and 20th, the brazilian scouts organization, named "UniĆ£o dos Escoteiros do Brasil" will activate the amateur radio station PS1J
    It will be a great opportunity to the young scouts taking part of the event, supported by a team of scouting hams and a team of hams from LABRE-RJ (national amateur radio association, Rio de Janeiro office), to get in touch with the radio, to talk with another radio stations all over the world, prepare the QSL card to send, learn about radio technique, CW code, to make new friends and live some "radioscouting".

    As so, we invite amateur radio fellows around the world to make contact with the station PS1J during this event, specially at day time in Brazil, from 10am-9pm UTC, when the scouts will be near the several radios operating the station. The PS1J station will be active almost 24h a day during "5th National Jamboree".

    This will be a BIG event for scouting in Brazil, getting near 5000 members camping on same site.

    Frequencies to work will be: 3,740 Khz - 7,090 KHz - 14,290 KHz - 21,360 KHz - 28,390 KHz - Echolink @ JOTA-P / Scout-BR.

    JULY 15th to JULY 20th, 24h a day...

    PS1J Team

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