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  • Saturday, January 12, 2013

    New SSTV Contest


    I'd like to announce a new contest for SSTV, the WSSTVC 15-Meter SSTV Dash Contest, which will be held twice yearly - once in the Spring and once in the Fall.
    The Contest, organized by the World Slow-Scan Television Club, will be held in the 15-meter amateur band only and the recommended modes are the fastest B/W or Robot modes, namely Robot 8, Robot 12 or Robot 24. These modes enable the contester to make a QSO in as short a time as possible: this should introduce a bit of spice to the competition. Contesters who do not have these modes may be encouraged to try them out, but in fact any analog SSTV mode would be acceptable in the Contest. Just be aware that the slower the mode a contester uses, the fewer QSOs he/she may be able to make during the Contest, hi.

    Contest periods are as follows:
    Spring: first full weekend in April, from Saturday 00:00 UTC to Sunday 23:59 UTC
    Fall: first full weekend in October, from Saturday 00:00 UTC to Sunday 23:59 UTC.
    For 2013, the dates and times are:
    Spring - Saturday April 6 00:00 UTC, to Sunday April 7 23:59 UTC
    Fall - Saturday October 5 00:00 UTC, to Sunday October 6 23:59 UTC.

    The Contest website is http://contests.wsstvc.org, and the Contest Rules are to be found at http://contests.wsstvc.org/rules.
    If you intend to participate, you may wish to announce your forthcoming activity - go to http://contests.wsstvc.org/announce/form (the form will be activated 2 months before the start of the Contest); you can read others' announcements at http://contests.wsstvc.org/announce/list. There's also a Contest blog at http://contests.wsstvc.org/blog where you can post comments and keep up-to-date with Contest developments.

    Thanks for your time and interest, hope to see you in the Contest.

    73, Rob DM1CM
    World Slow-Scan Television Club Contesting
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